My basic plan is to grow one or two varieties from each distinctive group of garlic. But I also want to find the better growing garlics. Therefore I’m also growing what people recommend to me. That is more reliable than growing noname commercial garlic sets in the garden center.

My garlic varieties

Top row are my softnecks (from left):

Inchelium  Red (1.year), Tanja’s Tyrkiske Grønthandler (nickname, 3+years), Grethes Supermarked (nickname, 3+years), Lorz Italian (2.year) and Ydre Mongoli (nickname, 1.year)

Bottom row are my hardnecks:

Estisk Rød (3+years), Rebberger (3+years), Polish Hardneck (1.year), Metechi (2.year), Fraser Valley Roja (2.year), Martins Old Heirloom (2.year), Oregon Blue Hardneck (1.year) and Leningrad (1.year).

Estisk Rød

Estisk Rød is very reliable, and grow huge cloves with great flavor. We often slice it thinly and put a raw slice on a slice of tomato. It was aquired on a market in Estonia by the danish seedsaver Lila Towle.

Rebberger is also very reliable, but smaller and numerous cloves. It belongs to the rocambole group. It was traditionally grown on the wine mountains in the german speaking parts of the alps.

Tanja’s Tyrkiske Grønthandler belongs to the artichoke group. For me it keep almost
as long as the two above. A chef spared a clove for me from a partikular large garlic they bought from a turkish greengrocer – she know my love for garlic.

Grethes Supermarked might belong to the silverskin group, as it never get any tiny bit of purple anywhere.

Inchelium Red was the surprice of the season. I have never grown a larger garlic in my
life. This was first season, will it be
able to keep up the great performance in the future?

Lorz Italian is doing slightly better in this second season, after a nearly devasting first
season – there is still a hope.

Ydre Mongoli: I only know, that a traveller brought it from a scoolteachers garden in
outer Mongolia to Denmark last year, and I was given 3 cloves. 2 have died, but I only give up after 3 seasons of failure, so hopefully it will recover and prove itself to be a great garlic for my garden.

Metechi seem to be a small Estisk Rød with yellow streaks on the leaves. I’m likely to
give it up for that reason. But it is an OK garlic.

Martins Old Heirloom I recieved from Martin himself. He grow it to enormous sizes in
heavy clay in Wisconsin, USA. It has potential.

Oregon Blue Hardneck is a Oregon Blue (softneck) line that produces hardnecks,
at least here in Denmark.

Chinese Purple
Chinese Purple I forgot to bring in with the other varieties, sorry.
It’s a 1. season for me, and doing well.