Now we start to harvest the sweet peppers.

My pepper varieties

Top row from left show Zlatni Medal, Liebesapfel and my own variety.
Bottom row show Roter Augsburger. The group to the left grown in open ground, the group to the right pot grow on the terrace.

Zlatni Medal is a croatian variety, it’s first season and it’s likely to become a standard variety in my garden.

Liebesapfel is a german variety, it’s third season and it’s one of my standard varieties.

My own variety derrives from a tomatopepper form a hungarian supermarket. None of the seedlings turned out to be tomatopeppers. At first a disaster, but then I realised thet every plant was a bit different and I could select a new variety from this. First year I selected for earliness. Second year the same, allthough three surplus plants ended in the open ground, and one was performing very well. In the following years I have tried all of them in the open ground, and selected for performance on open ground. I select according to my gardening practice: I sow first week in march indoors. In may I transfer to the greenhouse and in june I transplant to the open ground. It ripens a few days to a week after my earliest varieties, but then the pepper is much larger, and still sweet and pleasant.

Roter Augsburger is a german variety, it’s first season. I grow one plant in a pot, and it taste very sweet, and I grow one plant in the open ground and it is hot. I might try to sow all the remaining seeds next year, to find out if seeds are all crossed out, or its just a single seed that has fallen in the wrong seedbatch. Anyway – its excellent breeding material, so if all plants are different next year, I might start selecting for a new variety again.