Adekun has tagged me with the Fantastic Four Meme.
You can follow the links back from blog to blog, and who know, maybe find the root of all Fantastic Fours?

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:

Physiotherapist for mentally disabled. Hmm, disabled seem to be a tag on people, who are gifted in ways that are not obvious.
Historic buildings. In 1980 I had a job building a copy of a ironage house. It was both interesting and satisfying working the oak, mud, manure and straw with simple tools.
Biodynamic farming. For a short time I helped on a farm. It was a dream, but I realised, that farms are very expensive and for that reason the freedom will be limited.
Garlic speaker. Three times I have actually been paid for talking on my favorite subject 🙂

Four places I have lived:

Sjælland. I was born in a town on this major island in Danmark.
Fyn. I lived a few years in the neighborhood where Hans Christian Andersen was born. My great great great grandfather was his teacher.
Amager. The last twelwe year I have lived on this little island just outside Copenhagen. Due to dutch immigration in 1521 it was a seedbreeding center for centuries, but now only one family breed kale for their own commercial kale production.
Netherlands. I lived short time in a little village near Zwolle. I came to like dutch people, and also see, how diverse the country is.

Four places I have been on holiday:

Mountains of Norway. My parents took all family, I have six brothers, to the high mountains in Norway in july and for christmas. I still remember the reindeers and mouse.
East Sibiria. Both russian and burjat people impress me, and the nature is grande. I remember listening to the waves of lake Bajkal sounding the chimes of feet long crystal clear ice crystals floating in the water on may 1.
Former East Germany. We would take the ferry three hours and buy a one day visa on the ferry. A friend of me had a friend, Frank, who then came to meet us, although Stasi would spy on him (and us). Once I brought a pineapple, which was very suspicous to the customs. To get it through i declared to be a vegetarian, and the pineapple to be my lunch. I didn’t tell, that I’m allergic to pineapple 🙂 Frank and his girlfriend appreciated the gift.

Four of my favourite foods:

Garlic. Until fifteen years old I had only heard of garlic, and its dangerous effect on breath and health. Quite scarry. Then at a schoolfriend I was served a salad, where the bowl had been slightly rubbed with half garlic clove. It was love at first bite.
Sweet pepper, when is propely ripe it has a unique sweetness I adore. A sweetness you can also find in shellfish, but the the other element are most different.
Chocolate, dark bitter chocolate. I think of it as a healthy veg.
Fish and shellfish, allmost any kind as long as it is fresh, only tunafish is not a favorite, it’s more like a beef.

Four places I would rather be right now:

Just here
Just right here
Just right here on the spot
– I’m a dreamer, but I never dream myself away from where I am. I have confidence in the moment.


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