Northern Melon Mix

I have now harvested the last melons, and the are ripening and smelling delicious.
The box is one of those use for mandarins. To be honest I’m very surprised by the
productivity of this grex. The taste varies between acceptable and superb,
hard to buy better in the supermarkets.

Now I plan to grow out more of the original seeds next year, and then in two years grow out the best of the two years. I also consider reserving more space in the garden to be able to grow out more melonplants, giving more material to select between. This melon project is not about saving all seeds but selecting from the better part. It seems to me, that several of the ripe melons have unripe seeds. This is not a bad thing, as it is a natural selection for ability to ripe succesfully in this environment.

I wonder, if a mixed planting of melon and sweet pepper could be succesfull. Three or four melonplants for every sweet pepper. This might stress the melon a bit more, but also resulting in a more robust melon strain, if the stress from shadow and roots from peppers doesn’t completely prevent melon seed ripening.