Kirsten in her allotment

Today I went by Kirstens allotment with some garlic, potatoes and seeds. She grow 100m² and use every square meter fantastic. Ex. achocha (seen behind her) follow her very tall peas. In this way she understand to grow her garden very intense – very inspiring for me.

Good people have been very generous (thanks to Patrick and all of you), and donated/exchanged new varieties of garlic, even more than I have room for. Kirsten is one of these dear souls, who will grow the “orphans”. In time we will select for the best garlics in our gardens. Anne from a neighbor allotment comes a little later, and then they will plant garlic in both allotments today.

Back home I also planted garlic. First I had to bring some order to them.

Garlic ready to set

I still have 31 varieties, and I think I just have room for them. Some of them I’m confident with, and will only plant topsets. In this way I keep the variety in my garden, save space and can quickly grow more of them next year.

Cats or garlic

As the heavy clay soil is improving it loosens up. Cats of the neighborhood likes digging in it, messing the garlics around. To prevent this mess, I have covered the garlicbeds with mesh.

Next week I will spread some organic fertilizer, feeding the sprouting garlic roots.