16 month old Estisk Rød

This ‘Estisk rød’ garlic is form july 2006 harvest.

I kept it with several other varieties, to see their storability. I must admit, that in spring it startet to look like a supermarket garlic, but it was the variety to keep best, better than softnecks. The latter is according to books and internet supposed to keep much longer. Maybe hardnecks are better storing up here in the north.

Yesterday, tidying up in a cupboard, I found the garlic again. Pretty much alive I think, so now I have planted it out in the garden where it belongs. The topsets looks very fresh, planted most of them also, but will keep some until next autumn, to see if they survives another year in the cupboard. Hopefully I will find them again then.

I should consider a back-up of topsets from all my hardneck garlics. Not all normal seeds will keep this long time in the cupboard.

‘Estisk rød’ is my favorite amongst the garlics, and this experience only confirm it to be an excellent variety for my garden. But doesn’t take away my wish to try other varieties.