Yacon tubers
Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius syn. Polymnia sonchifolia) ‘Morado’

Yacon is a tasty sweet root from the andes. I belongs to same family as dandelion, lettuce, Jerusalem artichoke and wormwood.

It is second time I try to grow yacon. First time I had a small, but tasty harvest. I tried to save some roots for next year, but they died for me.

The variety I try this year grow much better. I grew some nice big dahlia like tubers, and taste is great.
I eat them raw as a treat, since they are so sweet. Like jerusalem artichokes they havea high content of inulin.

yacon bulb with eyes

Now I hope to overwinter the crown with eyes on the small tubers. If this variety comes easily through winters, many will like to grow it in their gardens.

In an other seed saver garden I saw this variety in warm yellow flowers. I must have been a bit late starting it out in spring.