Fig tree in Dragør
Old figtree (Ficus carica) in Dragør.

In Denmark, the island of Bornholm is famous of it’s figtrees, but also fishervillage Dragør 3 miles from my garden grow nice figtrees. It is generelly trees without variety name, since we prefer a cutting from a well performing plant, rather than a pitty plant of a famous name. This tree grows near the harbour in the villages, and probably gave a good harvest this year.

The many small green figs still on the branches fall off as temperature falls. In spring new figs appear, out of which some will ripen. One of the pleasures having a fig tree in the garden is the perfume it spreads in the air on sunny warm summerdays.

My own trees are not likely to grow to same size, since it will more regularly be frozen to the ground. The number of years between the hard frost determines the size the figtree are likely to grow. Normally they sprout from groundlevel, after a hard frost.

Harbour in Dragør
Harbour in Dragør.