Mushrooms in autumn
Two toadstools crafted in ceramic

Our toadstools are produced in the pottery Keramikværkstedet. The do a large and varied production of pottery.
The toadstools are hardburned, securing durability in frosts. They should stand free draining, otherwise water may collect in the bottom causing frost damage.
They made it through last winter, and the many frosty nights this autumn, with not even the tiniest crack in the glazing. Good craftmansship.

The toadstools are placed discreete but visible from the livingroom, giving us a cheerful glance all winter.

To us they are charming, to others they are dreadfull. It’s said that you can’t discuss taste in art. In my experience there is no better topic to discuss, since you never agree 🙂

They do serve a purpose: They act as a rest for the eyes in all winterdarkness.

We have started to notice the importance of these restplaces for the eyes. It seems like you get a more detailed impression of a garden, if it is equipped with “lighthouses” for the eyes. It’s an idea you can play with endlessly.