Grape seedlings
Seedlings of grape pottet up for the winter.

Last summer small seedlings of grape came up around the red grape Rondo. I took care not to kill them when weeding. There’s almost no doubt about that Rondo is the mother, but the fatherhood is uncertain. Could I hope it is Himrod, the green seedless grape, not far away? It would be nice with a seedless Rondo.
The small seedlings now stand in the shadow of the hazel. The are small and hardly noticeable in the photo, but they are in the seven pots standing shoulder to shoulder. In pots behind is Phlomis and a sibirian bushy cherry species.

It’s probably necessary to evaluate up to 10.000 seedlings before you find a good new variety. I catch the chance anyway. Partly because I could be lucky with one of the seven, and partly because I guess other garden geeks do like me – together we have a very good chance to find the good seedling, at least after some years. TTT – Things Take Time.

Rondo red grape
Rondo, before ripening.

Rondo is a interspecific variety, one of the grandparents being the amurgrape growing wild along amur river in north east asia. Other parents are european grapes. The amurgrape has added hardiness and reliable ripening without the need for a warm wall or a greenhouse.