Atriplex hortensis rubra
Red orach Atriplex hortensis rubra june 2003

Now Frøsamlerne seedlist 2008 is published. As usual there is many rare and interesting varieties, of wich the seeds have been saved by members of this danish seedsavers organisation. There are seven different orach to choose from, four of them old danish family heirlooms. Or what to say about a tomato like ”Kaptajnens gule bøf fra Brasilien”, which translates into “Captains yellow beefsteak from Brasil”. Who would ever know vegetables existed like østfrisisk palmekål (palmcabbage from northern Germany), runkelroe (Beta vulgaris var. alba, a mangelwurzel, where it’s the lower stem that is swollen) or eternal leek?
You can’t ask for what you don’t know 🙂

The list is in danish, but you will also find varieties with english names. To request seeds membership is needed. The annual memberfee is DKK 130,- (ca. 17.50 euro).