My friend the shredder in work

Today I cut down a part of the privet hedge. When the twigs have passed the shredder they are transformed in to an excellent covering material. I made a narrow path in the kitchen garden with the result of todays work. It does consume some nitrogen during breakdown, but release it later. Some of all the carbon will be transformed into humus. My heavy clay soil need a lot of that.

Many gardeners in the neighborhood drive all kind of garden waste to the recycling. In my garden there is no waste, only compostmaterial waiting to start the process of transformation. Thicker twigs (more than 35mm) gives congestion to the shredder, instead I cut them in small bits (10-20cm) and spread them under trees and bushes. In the deep shadow they shelter and feed many beneficial tiny organisms, and after a few years they are absorbed into the dark upper layer of the soil.

Other motorised gardentools I haven’t found use for. The garden is small, and noisy motors disturbs my thoughts while doing the job. The shredder though is silent and doesn’t disturb me.
In a larger garden I probably would aquire more motorised gardentools. I’m not fanatic on this, but I do enjoy the luxury of silence.