Ørestad Urban Gardens

In an ealier post I also wrote on Ørestad Urban Gardens

Summary: The gardens probably need to move in august to another area in Ørestad. For that reason the gardens are moving from small plots to plantboxes, which kan be moved by a fork-truck. Everything is done ecological if possible.

Plantboxes has now been assembled, filled with expanded clay pellets and earth, sowed or planted. They can be seen from the road and the metro, a remarkable sight.

Plantboxes need watering

The two young women are in a group of eight who grow 10 boxes in commen. Plantboxes need regular watering, but when sharing the watering, they don’t need to take the tour for watering as often.

The water tap

Areadevelopment company allow the use of the land and install a watertap, making watering a job one can face.

Two winebottles in a plantbox

Others solve the watering problem by poking waterfilled winebottles neck down into the soil. In this way water is released slowly, and the plantbox need less frequent watering.

This plantbox is already filled up.

Some have had a ground plot last year, and can now move overwintered plants into their plantboxes. Some of the plantboxes are already filled up with herbs and flowers, soon to be picked. Other plantboxes stand with seedlings of radish and lettuce.


Handsome adonis have found his way to Ørestad Urban Gardens.