Eggplant Solanum melongena ‘Skorospely’

This year I try out some recommended eggplant varieties. I possible it might end up in a new variety to grow outdoor in our cold summers, but it’s not likely to be possible. First I’m on the look-out for parenting candidates, and getting a little more experience growing eggplants. My first criteria will be the ability to produce seeds in my greenhouse. Varieties able to do that will be interesting to me.

One of my first experiences is that flowers differ in a way of possible importance for the risk/chance of crosses. In the varety ‘Skorospely’ the stigma protrudes out of the anther”barrel”. It’s a situation similar to that of the potato-leaved tomato. Thus the stigma can easily be pollinated by insects. The variaty ‘Vera’ keep the stigma inside the anther”barrel” keeping insects at a distance.
This year I will likely do nothing to avoid crosses, hope for the easier breedable to cross if any cross will happen. From my experience with tomatoes and peppers, insects will note be in the waiting line to visit the flowers, but this can be very different in other environments.
But they are rather pretty.

Eggplant Solanum melongena ‘Vera’

Eggplants this year:
ApplegreenI saved seeds of this last year, and they grow well.
Rima F1 – Standard variety in Denmark, recommenden by fellow seedsavers, although it’s a hybrid
Fairy Tale F1 – Recommended by an ecologic gardener as best to try in open ground
Czech Early – Czech variety, from Lieven David
Almaz – Russian, from Lieven David
Diamond – Ukrainian, from Lieven David
Skorospely – Russian, from Lieven David
Vera – from Lieven David
Thai F1 – Thai hybrid, from Leif Siripot
Morden Midget – North American, from Leif Siripot

Lieven send me a lot of eggplant varieties through Patrick, and Leif send me a lot from his home in Thailand. Thanks to all of you. I’ve saved a lot of the varieties for trial next year, as room is limited.

Does a reader know of a eggplant particularly suited for northern conditions I would like to know.

As eggplant is an unreliable crop in Denmark, I can not be responsible to keep a variaty for the future. Fortunately there is a lot of good people around the world taking care of our heirloom, and willing to share seeds.