Melon bed under construction

Today I dug the melon bed. I dig a trench, fill it with fresh horsemanure, cover again with the soil and top with the plasticbags in which I got the manure (recycle).
To the right the trench, partly with horsemanure and the far end covered with soil. The left is covered with cut plasticbags and wood and string, to prevent it blowing away on windy days.
This bed will warm considerably, and supply the melons with plenty of food. I will leave it to set, until it’s time to plant out during days with warm weather in the middle of june.

Melonplants Cucumis melo Farthest North melon mix

The small melon plants patiently waits in the greenhouse. It’s time to repot, I better do that tomorrow.

It is not a variety, but a mix of varieties intercrossed. The idea is to select for hardiness. Melons are not normally transplanted outside in Denmark.

Melon harvest last year