Garlic Rust Puccinia allii

Yesterday I read about garlic on Bifurcated Carrots where garlic rust had appeared. I could leave a comment stating that I hadn’t seen rust yet. Nemesis! Today I spotted the first attack in my own garlic bed, as seen on the photo (entire attack).

Garlic Rust, What to do? Depressingly, there seems to be nothing to do. Well, no reason to give up. Nothing to do means the chemicals killing the fungus is also poison for people – I wouldn’t use it even if recommended and free. But if you can change the environment on the leaves in a way, that the fungus will not be able to settle down, it might be done with simple materials.
Today I gave my garlic a fine spray with 1:10 waterdiluted skimmed milk. I hope a thin skin of dried skimmed milk will change the surface of the garlic leaves enough to make them “unrecognizable” to the rust spores. If this will stop the attack it’s wonderfull, if it can only slow down the attack, it still is very usefull, since I will lift most of the garlics in a month.
Some or all of my plants will allready be attacked, but showing no sign yet. I don’t think these attacks can be stopped, but if they will end the season of garlic rust in my bed it’s good enough for me. Then I should start spraying earlier next year.