Female flower on watermelon Citrullus lanatus

This year I grow watermelon in the greenhouse. They have just started flowering, and on the female flower you can see the tiny watermelon-to-be. As the insects are not familiar with watermelonflowers in my garden, I decided to pollinate by hand. I took a male flower from the neighbor plant, controlled for pollen, picked it and hold it against the female flower to transfer the pollen to the female stigma. Now I must wait patiently for the miracle. It’s second time I grow this variety.

Male flower on watermelon Citrullus lanatus

The variety is ‘White Seeded Besvirino Assyrian Watermelon
It is a early watermelon from the assyrian mountain village Besverino near Sirnak i southeastern Turkey. Turks and kurds have other names for the village. The big white seeds of unusual shape are eaten as a delicacy. The sweet flesh of the watermelon is pink. The greygreen melon is oval and small. I got this variety from an assyrian refugee living in Sweden. This is second time I grow it.

Next to I have a single plant of the standard variety ‘Sugar Baby’, to compare the two varieties. To get pure seeds of the assyrian watermelon, I remove any male flower on ‘Sugar Baby’ before it opens. This might result in some interesting seeds inside ‘Sugar Baby’, a cross of the two varieties.