Grethe, nicknamed Allium sativum

Today I harvested the first garlics. It’s probably the varm dry last month giving an early harvest.
Grethe is a softneck a college of mine have been growing after buying it in a supermarket. I nickname it after her. It’s a garlic of a pure white color, medium size, and worthwhile growing for a white garlic braid. It stores into january. I have been growing it since 2004.

Lorz Italian Allium sativum,
In my garden still small and poorly developed after third season. Now it rest on the kitchentable, waiting for us to eat it. Rejected after three years in the garden.

Hanoi, nicknamed Allium sativum
An extremely small garlic, sent me last year. It was brought home from Hanoi, Vietnam, by a danish tourist last year. The small cloves developed into single clove garlics. First year in the garden.

Frøposen, nicknamed Allium sativum
I had some topsets last year from a danish seedsaver. She originally bought it from a now closed seedcompany Frøposen. I haven’t found the name of this clone. Now the topsets have grown into single clove garlics. First year in the garden.

Bodils kinesisk, nicknamed Allium sativum
Grown from very tiny topsets. The resulting single clove garlics are more or less the size of topsets from other strains of garlic. I had the topsets from a danish seedsaver, who years back bought it as a chines garlic in a french streetmarket. First year in the garden.

My garlic varieties 2007