Some of the harvested garlics

Now half the garlics are harvested, only late varieties must wait a little longer. I grow a lot of varieties, in the hope to find around ten perfect for me and my garden. As I start to fancy a variety, I grow more of it, but until the I grow just three or four. I give a variety three years to show its potential.

Inchelium Red

Inchelium Red is a large softneck. This type of garlic are called artichoke as the cloves are arranged like an artichoke head. It was discovered in Colville Indian Reservation by Larry Geno. It is the second season in my garden, and looks very promising.

Chinese Purple

Chinese Purple is an asiatic garlic of the turban type (er et asiatisk hvidløg af turbantype). Very colorfull and appealing. It’s the second season.

“Bodils fransk marked”

“Bodils fransk marked” is an artichoke type of unknown variety name. Bodil presented it to me. She originally bought it at a french street market, and have grown it for years. It has clearly adapted to our climate. It’s first season in my garden.

“Tanjas tyrkiske grønthandler”

“Tanjas tyrkiske grønthandler” is an artichoke type of unknown variety name. Tanja heard of my garlic passion, and saved a clove from a particular large garlic. I have never been able to grow it to the same size, but it still grows well in my garden. I have grown it since 2002.