Pepperbed with different varieties.

Now time has come to linger in sweet red peppers. Over the years I’ve found some very early and faithfull varieties. From right it is Zlatni Medal (1 plant), Roter Augsburger (3 plants), a bastard (1 plant), Amager Kohorn (3 plants) og Yesil Tatli (1 plant). Peppers on the last four plants are still green – slightly blushing on the sunny side – and probably red in next week.

The bastard should have been a Zlatni Medal. I think they have succeeded to croos, Zlatni Medal and Roter Augsburger. It can happen, when standing so close, the flower touch each other on windy days. It’s very bad, when preserving a variety, but excellent if you want to develop an even hardier pepper. The trick is, to save seeds from fruits close to a neighbor variety for a chance cross, and to save seeds from fruits at save distance from other varieties to keep a pure variety. To have this work, neighbor varieties must have different inheritary traits, like shape and color.
I still haven’t seen insects cross my peppers – remember I’m up in northern europe – but I guess it will happen sometime in a good summer. As a security I allways store old seeds, returning to them, if a favorite should be lost in a crossing.

Wonder, if my peppers should be treated as well next year, as melons have been this – with trenched horsemanure and black plastic mulch. I guess they would be gratefull.