Fuglebjerggaard 004
Anne and I at the danish seed savers Frøsamlernes tables

At Fuglebjerggårds harvest festival Anne, Kirsten and I represented the danish seed savers Frøsamlernes. Most of the activities were ecological/biological. We showed products from our own gardens, telling the stories of old and rare varieties. We also sold books and seeds. Particularly the seeds were popular, as the are not sold in ordinary trade. There was a lot of interest among visitors. We had a job explaining, that one cannot just buy all the seeds of our seedlist, first you must join (not expensive), then you recieved the exchangelist and can start having seeds. We just brought some seeds to let people remember us. Due to the huge demand for seeds, Anne spend part of sunday paketing seeds in small envelopes. In the end, all interested in seeds had a chance to buy one or more packets, allthough some varieties finished during the sunday.

Fuglebjerggaard 003
We had a chance to stand under the open shed, and are grateful 🙂
Wether forecast had promised a lot of rain

Photografer of the day Kirsten H. – Thanks for lending the photos!