Heritage Sweet White Multiplier Allium cepa var. ? in february frost

Spring onions are well known, but this one could be called winter onions. It’s a multipurpuse little onion, both producing topsets and sweet white shallots. Like other white onions it only stores some months. Taste is very mild and sweet, usefull in salads, wonderfull with tomatoes.

Heritage Sweet White Multiplier harvested as shallots in late june

Heritage Sweet White Multiplier topsets in late may

When topsets comes in the ground in autumn, they can be harvested as spring onions in spring. Harvesting later, as the tops bend over, produce good sets for next season.
Next year the beautifull white shallots can be harvested.
Setting these, next year they produce a lot of very small onions. I hope these again produce the good shallots.

Thanks to Martin Longseth in Wisconsin, USA, for this usefull little multipurpose onion.