Garlic Allium sativum. Left 2 virus infected, right 2 stemnematode infected

Yesterday I went to the garlic bed to pick some springgarlic and keep the clones healthy. I’m both alerted by yellowstriped leaves as sign of virusinfection, and by twisted and thickened leaves on plants probably infected by stem nematodes.

Those infected by stem nematodes have lost the juicyness, not worth eating. Those infected with virus are good food. They were cleaned, cut and prepared in the wok. Virus in garlic is harmless to humans.

virus and nematode
Yellow stipes in garlic leaves, a sign of virus

Propagating plants vegetatively allways makes virus an issue. Clones accumulates vira over time, and garlic are very old clones. But not all clones are infected the same day, thus taking away the infected and propagating the healthy is a good practice in any garlic bed. As many of the plants can be used in the kitchen, loss is limited.