Pot Maker – my new toy

Last summer I was presented a pot maker, a small tool for paper pot making. I didn’t use it until now, but came to love by first paper pot finished. No more hurling around in our house and garden looking for small pots, used beakers and the like. Now I only have to find the little pot maker and an old newspaper.

How I use my little pot maker

I start finding a newspaper section, preferably without glue in the folding, and cut it in three slices. Now I have a lot of paper strips in the right size. Then I fold a little top border, and roll it around the pin. I can do it quicker along the edge of the kitchen table. Press the surplus paper under the bottom, place it in the saucer and rock it gently to lock the bottom of the pot. Now the difficult part, to slide the new paper pot off the pin. I do it by pushing gently from top of the pin.
Now it speeds up, and a collecting tray is most convenient.

Sweet pepper in the new paper pots

All pots came in use at once for my small sweet pepper plants. Now they live in a warn out wash tub.

All this happened on april 2. —–time is running 🙂