About the name:
The toad clearly owns the garden, to him I’m just a regular visitor. It has been like
that, ever since I moved in to the house. One might find it a strange order of things,
but the fact is that he day in and day out do the hard work keeping slugs away.
Thanks pal.

About the content:
The garden and gardening activities is the main subject for this blog. It is written
in english (I hope) to have more response. Writing in danish I do in an other website.
I chose the blog style because I guess it is easy to update and keep interesting. At the
moment I’m not sure what to write in the wintertime – time will show.

About the Geografics:
The garden is situated in Denmark, 6 km south of Copenhagen Townhall, on the
island of Amager. Copenhagen is at same latitude as Glasgow in Scotland or the
Coast of Labrador in Canada. The climate is mild and wet, though windy throughout
the year. Every one or two decades the cold russian winter will blow its cold winds,
freezing the baltic sea and botanical survivors are only those hardy to below -20C
(-4F). The garden is 1m above sealevel.
The soil is heavy alcaline clay, hard as concrete when dry, but fertile. I feed the
earthworms, they in exchange improve the soil.
300 m from here is a marshland with a bird sanctuary. Groups of wild goose and
cranes pass above the garden spring and autumn drawing attention with their sounds.


About the author:
I tend to be a bit experimental and relaxed in my way of gardening, but also open for
the surprises the garden itself has to offer. After a little seedexchange on the internet
I have joined Frøsamlerne, The Danish Seed Savers, a become a seed-geek. I guess
you must have noticed allready.