Golden Snow Pea variation

To the right the normal seeds of Golden Snow Pea, to the left a solid purple variation.

I jumped a little on my chair, when I saw these solid purple peas in my Golden Snow Peas.
Since the plant, and the size and shape of seeds are normal for Golden Snow Pea, I guess it’s a sport.
To know, I will grow the seeds seperately, but next to Golden Snow Pea.

Wouldn’t it be interesting with a golden podded solid purple pea?

Shelling the first dry peas

Today I’ve been shelling the first drying peas.
It’s an old variety for heavy clay soils, Lollandske Rosiner. Hundred years ago it was a
staple food for the working class. It is a field pea, to be sown in very early spring.
It is boiled in soups, where it after two hours of boiling look like a raisin, and very nutricious.

I grow it, because it must survive to the day a multimedia gourmet taste it and make it famous around the world. Since it is very early, it’s also nice to eat fresh.
I have a dream of growing it intermingled with oath, as I remember this kind of fields from my childhood.
Because Lollandske Rosiner is so early, it didn’t get affected by the larvae of pea moth.

Golden Snow Pea Flower     Golden Snow Pea

Golden Snow Pea Originally uploaded by skrubtudsen

This showy snow pea also taste good. It’s first we are trying it, 

and it deserves regular growing in our garden.

Its a tall pea, though not very tall, and early compared to Purple 


The rain continues, peppers and melons are cold, but all peas love 

this weather, as well as the toad himself.


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