Anna Andersens pelargonium
Anna Andersens Pelargonium Pelargonium zonale

Anna Andersens Pelargonie was donated to Frøsamlerne (danish SSE) in spring 2007.

Anna Andersen was born in 1893 and lived on peninsular Stevns, close to Gjorslev Castle (between Gjorslev and an other manorhouse). As elderly she moved to Ølby just out of the town of Køge, where doner got to know her. Anna lived 93 or 94 years. The pelargonium she inherited after her mother, who had it for many years. It is supposed her mother was born on the southern part of island Sealand.

About the pelargonium Anna said “one have to talk to it!”. This was very important for her. Anna also said “You may not say thanks on recieving it, and if you do I bring it with me again!” As the donor forgot and said thanks when Anna was leaving, Anna took the pelargonium back and exclaimed “this will teach you!” Donor tells, she then had it next time Anna came to visit her, and this time she remembered to keep quiet.

Donor tells it’s a pelargonium not suited for commercial production, as it attracts aphids. When it happens, she treat it with a mixture of detergent and alcohol. Flower color change with the weather, darker and cold red contra lighter and warm coral red. The pelargonium is so beautiful that it has survived all the years, despite the tendency to attract aphids.

The pelargonium had no variety name. Donor asked us to name it after Anna Andersen.

I can inform it still hasn’t attracted any aphids. I have taken a number of cuttings and shared at Frøsamlernes meetings.