Mobile eco garden
Main building af Ørestad Mobile Eco-gardens

In the week-end I walked over to Ørestad, Copenhagens new-to-be neighborhood. Now at last I will have a look at the Mobile Eco-gardens!

To my surprise there was a lot to watch even in january. You are welcomed by this fine mainbuilding, a practical shed on wheels signaling the mobility of the gardens.

The gardens are very small (less than 15m2), probably suiting most unexperienced city gardeners. But obviosly many gets a nice experience and a crop of vegs and flowers to bring home.

Mobile eco garden 4
Cabbage in Ørestad

This little cabbage plot is inresistible. More than one could grow larger cabbage and kale, but what a diversity in almost no space. And there have probably even been harvested cabbage and kale from this little lot.

Mobile eco garden 2
A row of leeks

These are the largest leeks I found, most (largest?) of the row already harvested. Leek is very common in these small lots, along with many other vegs and herbs. Celery/celeriac, rosemary, fennel, cabbage and kale, parsley and all those I didn’t really notice.

Mobile eco garden 3
Puddles between raised beds

Soil out here is very compact limerich clay. When saturated with water it almost doesn’t drain at all. It’s special to work such a heavy soil, but it can prove very fertile.

Ørestad Mobile Øko-haver(in danish)