Eggplant Applegreen

Applegreen is an eggplant breed for northern climates by Professor Meader of New Hampshire and released in 1964

Eggplant for seed

I tried to save seeds from eggplant a few years ago. I even made a succesfull test of germination same autumn. But in spring there were no more germination. Oh-oh-oh – what an embarrasment, I had been sharing my seeds, and emails started to come in. All polite emails, but I myself was very disappointed and angry with myself. Now I find it more easy to forgive others who had accidents with the seeds they send me.

Cutting the very ripe eggplant

To do it better this time, I reserved the very first fruit for seeds, even wrote on it, to avoid any mistake at suppertime. Now I have been waiting for this fruit since mid july. Today I decided to cut it open, since it has been all yellow for very long time, and stopped shining for some time.

Scooping out the pulp and seeds Scooping out the pulp and seeds into a bowl

Seperating eggplant seeds from pulp Seperating eggplant seeds from pulp in water. Seeds sinks to the bottom whereas pulp float – a nice piece of low technology.

Washing eggplant seeds Washing eggplant seeds thoroughly prevents seedborne diseases.

Drying eggplant seeds Drying eggplant seeds on a plate. Now I just have to be patient and wait until they are completely dry before storing in an envelope.