Frost on leaves of greater celandine, Chelidonium majus

Yesterday there was again frost in the morning. I hope it’s over for now until October.
I found these ice crystals to be incredibly long and beautiful. I also noticed that the crystals grew differently depending on the plant species. On a feverfew right next to the the greater celandine, crystals were all tiny.

Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

White crystals on grass and herbs early this morning. Isn’t it beautiful!
And yet, I do hope this will be last week with frost at night.

I don’t expect any damage, as I didn’t sow any very tender things yet.
But the open peach flowers might suffer, and fail to set fruits.

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Garlic Allium sativum “Grethes supermarked”

For a short time snow cover the garden, and temperatures are below the freezing point. Only a few days ahead temperature will rise above the freezing point again. Garlic roots will not be frozen this time, but anyway, they can take all the frost we get around here.

Weed in frost

Another frosty night. The beauty of ice crystals on the freezing leaves are touching. Together with the dry summer, frost is a friend, protecting the garden against the dreaded killer slugs living in gardens nearby.

Dahlia after frost

Last night came the first frost. Early in the morning I went to work, the rain had washed the frost away, but the Dahlias was my proof. The slightest touch of frost and Dahlia leaves turn black. Very revealing. This week-end I must dig the tubers, or the frost might find its way into the ground and kill them too.