Radish Janosnapi

Now the radish seeds has weathered, and dried in the house. It’s time for treshing, and since this is only a small garden, not a big farm, the best available tool is the meat hammer. It works wonders, as long as working on dry material.
Now the seeds are out of the capsules, but still mixed with the crushed capsules. Next step is to seperate them, but that is work for another day.

Drying radish seeds

This year I’m growing Janosnapi for seeds. First seeds are ripe, therefore I have cut the the plants and left them to afterripen in the weather. Out of 28 plants I only save seeds from 21, expelling the smallest atypical. All 28 plants started flowering the same week so I didn’t select for that trait.

The amber like colour is seen on this photo from earlier this summer.
Radish Janosnapi

Janosnapi is a hungarian variety. The original seeds was donated to me by a hungarian college back in 2002. It was about time to grow them to seeds, to keep the variety.