Toad (Bufo bufo) and Leopard slug (Limax maximus)

A new toad has claimed the garden territory. It is still shy when I meet it, particularly in the greenhouse. However, it is calmer than at our first meeting.

It appears to be a friendly little creature. I have seen it cradle with one of the leopard slugs. I hope they join their forces to keep the killer slugs out of the garden.
The hedgehog has also started to patrol the garden, especially in the part of the garden where I find killer slugs. The old toad had no problems with hedgehogs, and I hope the new toad will befriend the hedgehogs in the same spirit.

Toad in 2007

The toad has not returned from the mating pond in the neighbourhood. I’ve given up the hope of its return. In 1995 we met an adult toad in the garden when we moved in to the house. Now I’m convinced it is dead. We lived many season in our garden in company with the toad. We still think of the garden, as the toad’s garden. Now we hope for a young toad to move in and make the garden its territory.