Sprouting single clove garlics

As many a gardener I had a dream of growing a few single clove garlics. I have purchased singel clove garlics of chinese origin, planted them, and never had anything growing. Now I have learned from a reliable source, that the single clove garlics are allways radiated to prevent sprouting. Then the other day I found a little basket of sprouting singel clove garlics in the supermarket. I’m uncertain why a single little basket was filled with sprouting garlics, as there was no sprouting to find in any other garlic. Could they have fallen off the band just before the radiation chamber, and then picked up and returned to the band on the other side?

I’ve planted some of them, hoping the roots will be just as viable as the top. If someone is interested, I have a few more sprouting single clove garlics for trade.

Will they grow to new single clove garlics next year? I doubt it. I expect some rather ordinary garlics. But with the right culture this clone could possibly be induced to form single clove garlics. Somewhere I read, that this can be achieved by an early harvest, before the cloves have been created. To learn the right method of cultivation might demand some experimenting.