The surviving yacon

This winter I again had problems storing the yacon on the floor in my larder. Fortunately a single eye on a little crown has started growing. Starting from a terribly dry yacon crown, this was done based on my hope.

yacon 2010 2009 og 2008
How yacon stored in my larder (from left) 2010, 2009 and 2008

The good storing yacon (2009) was grown in Kirstens allotment. This fact forced me to do some thinking!
Storing in my larder must be OK.
It must be how yacon grow in my garden I must change. But how?
In both 2008 and 2010 the yacon crown had started to sprout more or less in autumn. My present theory is that yacon show no signs of needing water when growing – I give it no water. After a dry spell in autumn crowns start sprouting, before I dig the roots.
This year I’ll water my yacon, when other plants in the garden needs water.
If it works, I think I’ve cracked the yacon code 🙂